EMAY provides services in the following sub-fields of services of project planning and preparation :

EMAY provides the above listed services individually or as a full-package to its employers and clients in transportation, buildings, water, environment and energy fields of activity; with its employees having expertise in different disciplines and its consultants / partners / sub-contractors.

EMAY gives priority to the satisfaction of its employers and clients in the undertaken projects by providing

  • economic / cost - effective,
  • state-of-the-art,
  • safe,
  • aesthetic,
  • environmentally-conscious,
  • sustainable,
  • innovative and effective considering the end users

solutions in performing services to the highest quality, on time and within budget.



EMAY, in addition to

  • Investment and Operation Period Revenue and Expenditure Analysis

  • Socio-Economical Analysis and Evaluation
  • Cost - Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Planning, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimate
  • Preparation and Monitoring of Budget and Cash Flow Programme
  • Cost Management / Cost Control

and similar financial and economical services that can be currently being performed and already covered under other services topics; is increasing its expertise in

  • evaluation of applicability of models to projects and selection of the most suitable model,

  • development of financial models and provision of consultancy service for project finance,

  • determination of relationships, authorities and responsibilities between the parties,
  • determination of general outlines of procedures to be followed during actualization and life-cycle application of models,

  • provision of consultancy services for risk determination, analysis, assessment, prevention and management,

  • provision of expert opinion during development phase of contracts,
  • provision of consultancy support during tender and contract negotiation stages

related to alternative procurement / financing models and especially public-private partnerships, which are finding more fields of application and rapidly wide-spreading; and can provide “turnkey” consultancy services to both public and private sectors as well as financing institutions by integrating its expertise in

  • design, design review / verification and optimization,
  • provision of technical support during construction and operation / maintenance stages

together with its expertise in other technical topics.

EMAY can carry out the above services as an integral package together with the services within the scope of Project Planning and Implementation Services, and thus can be a “turnkey” solution partner of its employers and clients.



EMAY provides expert opinion related to proposed solutions for the situations / problems that are or can be encountered by its employers and clients within the life-cycle (project planning, preparation, implementation or operation phases) of their

  • new,
  • renovation,
  • expansion,
  • retrofitting,
  • maintenance / repairing

and similar projects by carrying out due diligence, inspection, analysis and evaluation services.

The services performed can partially or completely cover all technical disciplines of Architectural and Engineering Services and Environmental Impact Assessment, Financial and Economical Services and Project Implementation Services as well as resolution of administrative or legal disputes and conflicts (claims of the parties, etc.) encountered in the projects.

EMAY provides

  • economic / cost - effective,
  • state-of-the-art,
  • safe,
  • aesthetic,
  • environmentally-conscious,
  • sustainable,
  • innovative and effective considering the end users

solutions for situations / problems that are / can be encountered.



EMAY provides all services during tender and contract signing periods related to the selection of most appropriate suppliers and contractors, which its employers and clients need during realization of their investment projects within budget, on time and to the best quality. Our experts, being aware that these processes constitute a crucial and key phase for the success of projects, work on below listed topics by utilizing current local and/or international (FIDIC, etc.) standards and methods :

  • Determination and Implementation of Procurement Strategy
  • Determination of Work Packages
  • Preparation of Budget and Work Schedule related to Work Packages and Monitoring Throughout Tender Period

  • Determination and Monitoring of Tender Calendar
  • Determination of Important Technical, Commercial and Legal Matters in accordance with Employer / Client Views

  • Preparation of Pre-qualification / Tender Documents, Bill of Quantity / Cost Estimate and Technical Specifications for Work Packages

  • Management of Pre-qualification / Tender Processes (Invitation, Question/Answer, Evaluation)
  • Preparation of Contract Dossier for Signature
  • Management of the Period from Selection of Supplier / Contractor up to Contract Coming Into Force

EMAY can provide Architectural and Engineering Design services, being pre-component of the above services, and Project Implementation Services, being post-component of the above services, as an integral package to its employers and clients without the need to look for another service provider.



EMAY provides a wide range of design services with its architects and engineers having knowhow and expertise in different disciplines that meet the requirements of both its employers and clients as well as the public and the environment to the best quality. Our services cover different fields of activity:

Our design services include all phases within the design life-cycle :


  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Application / Final Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimate
  • As-Built Design
  • Independent Checking Engineer / Design Verification (refer to Design and Interface Management)

Our architects and engineers have expertise in design with various materials, including but not limited to the following :

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Pre-stressed Concrete (Pre-tensioned or Post-tensioned)

  • Prefabricated Concrete
  • Steel
  • Composite

The engineering designs are carried out in accordance with current standards, specifications and regulations in Turkey as well as international standards such as EN, ACI, AASHTO, DIN, BS, ASTM, UIC, AREMA, IEC, IEEE, ISO, etc.

Our design services are performed in accordance with our ISO9001:2008 Quality Management procedures in order to ensure the quality of the final product.

Our experts use in-house developed software and state-of-the-art software in the market while carrying out architectural and engineering design services. Some of these include :

  • CAD
    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • 3DMax
  • Structural Design
    • SAP2000 Plus, Advanced
    • SAP2000 Nonlinear
    • Biaxial
  • Alignment / Interchange Geometric Design
    • Bentley InRoads
    • Bentley Rail-Track
    • Proyol
    • NetCAD
  • Geotechnical and Tunnel Software
    • Plaxis2D
    • Plaxis3D Tunnel
    • GeoSlope



EMAY provides the below listed services to the public and private sectors with its expert employees, its consultants / partners / sub-contractors in order to find economical, safe, effective and long-term sustainable solutions to the current or future capacity, operation and safety problems of transportation systems :

  • Transport and Traffic Data Collection (including traffic counts)

  • Transport Modeling and Planning

  • Traffic Flow (Operation) Simulation and Optimization

  • Demand Forecasts and Traffic Analysis / Verification

  • Multimodal Transport Studies

  • Integrated Transport Master Plans and Feasibility Studies

  • Corridor and Alignment Selection

  • Design Services

  • Capacity and Operation Analysis, Planning and Design of Facilities with High Traffic Generation / Attraction (Shopping Center, Stadium, Car Park, etc.)

  • Traffic Management Planning and Design

  • Traffic Safety Studies

The state-of-the-art software like

  • transportation modeling and planning software : VISUM, TransCAD, TRANPLAN, Transport, EMME,

  • traffic simulation software : VISSIM, CORSIM,

  • traffic movements analysis software : HCS,

  • highway technical and economical analysis software : HDM-4

are used during transportation and traffic planning and design services.



Construction projects embody environmental effects which lead to significant changes in the economical and social life, although undesirable. These effects, generally being adverse, are determined through environmental analyses performed within the scope of “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)” study. Environmental analyses, being similar and closely related to social, economical, financial and technical analyses, constitute an integral and important part of Project Planning and Preparation phase (feasibility study). Findings of EIA study are very effective especially during the selection of project area and technology as well as during the process design. Additionally, the benefits and losses (costs) caused by environmental effects are determined in monetary terms (economical prices) as far as possible and included in the cost - benefit analysis.

EMAY provides the below listed services within the context of environmental impact assessment services, with its expert employees, its consultants / partners / sub-contractors :

  • Determination of existing environmental conditions, protected areas and sensitive ecosystems in the project area,

  • Determination of methods and tools for identification of environmental impacts,

  • Determination of potential environmental impacts (direct and indirect) with the help of field / laboratory surveys and studies,

  • Determination of standards and legislation related to environmental impacts and necessary permits,

  • Determination of periodic distribution (investment and operation periods) of effects,

  • Determination of analysis criteria quantitatively and qualitatively,

  • Comparison of alternative project, corridor, alignment, location, technology and designs in terms of environmental impacts, costs and other conditions,

  • Determination of preventive or reductive measures against damage to the environment,

  • Determination of environmental monitoring method,

  • Preparation of programme for monitoring the measures, which are determined in the environmental management plan,

  • Determination of alternative investment and operational costs related to preventive or reductive measures, employment and training of staff for environmental management, and monitoring activities,

  • Determination of benefits and costs of environmental impacts and preventive measures in monetary terms (shadow prices) and integration of these to the cost-benefit analysis,

  • Informing the project stakeholders and the public about the project and its environmental impacts and receiving their opinions,

  • Taking the necessary permits for the project related to environment in accordance with relevant legislation.

EMAY performs its services in accordance with the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems standard and has initiated necessary actions in order to document this situation by receiving the related certificate.



EMAY, during the planning stage of public or private investments of its employers and clients, establishes the optimal solutions where existing resources are used in the most efficient manner and which would form the basis for its employers and clients during the decision-taking process, by considering social, economical, financial, environmental and technical inputs in an integrated manner and analyzing the risks and opportunities.

Our master plan and feasibility study services includes the following sub-fields of services :

  • Determination of Needs with Employers and Clients
  • Market Survey and Analysis
  • Capacity and Site Selection
  • Resource Studies
  • Land and Utility (road, water, electricity, etc.) Surveys

  • Technology Selection
  • Implementation Planning and Programme
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Demand Analysis
  • Investment and Operation Period Revenue and Expenditure Analysis

  • Socio-Economical Analysis and Evaluation
  • Cost - Benefit Analysis
  • Financial Planning, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Our experts together with our consultants / partners / sub-contractors performs master plan and feasibility study services, especially concentrated in transportation field of activity, by using state-of-the-art methods and latest / most advanced software.

Local or international specifications or methods specified in the guide to cost-benefit analysis of investment project of the European Union are used in our studies.