EMAY, as mentioned under the heading Architectural and Engineering Design, in addition to directly performing design services of multi-disciplinary projects in various fields of activity for its employers and clients; also has extensive knowhow and experience in management of designs performed by different designers and coordination between the designers.

EMAY, being aware of the importance of design services and design integration in complex projects where participation of different disciplines are required, provides design and interface management services throughout the entire project life-cycle by performing the below listed sub-services :

  • Determination and compilation or coordination of compilation of design inputs (including soil, etc. investigations and surveys at site),

  • Preparation and checking of compliance of design outputs in accordance with national and/or international standards, specifications, regulations and legislation,

  • Review of design outputs, determination and correction of deficiencies and mistakes, if any,

  • Assessment and optimization of design with respect to economy, safety and feasibility; proposing / assisting during selection of alternative design methods and systems, ensuring that necessary corrections are made,

  • Provision of coordination and organization between different design disciplines (alignment, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, utilities, landscaping, etc.) and between construction site - design, resolving any disputes,

  • Checking of designs of different disciplines by superposing, determination and correction of deficiencies and mistakes, if any,

  • Revision of design outputs (drawing, calculation report) if necessary or preparation of additional design outputs,

  • Checking and notification of compliance / approval of final design before site application,

  • Preparation of bill of quantities or checking of bill of quantities prepared by designers, determination and correction of deficiencies and mistakes, if any,

  • Obtaining permits and approvals from related institutions and organizations or provision of necessary coordination and monitoring,

  • Monitoring and checking design changes during construction stage,

  • Preparation of as-built designs or monitoring and checking of preparation.