İkitelli-Ataköy Metro Line Construction and Electromechanical Works Supervision, Engineering and Consultancy Service



Works include;

-2 x 13.4 km Metro line, fully-automated driverless system, with capacity of 70,000 pphpd,

-8,2 km TBM tunnel, 4.1 km NATM tunnel, 1 km Cut-Cover tunnel,

-11 stations; 7 being deep tunnel and 4 being cut-cover,

-Rolling Stock (72#).

Services by EMAY  :  Design review, project management and construction supervision services covering,

-Civil works (Earthworks, Tunnels, Viaducts, Stations,

-Depot and Workshop Building),

-Architectural and Finishing works,

-Track works,

-Power Supply and Rigid Catenary Systems,

-Signalling and Safety Systems,

-Control and Communication Systems (Scada, Radio, Phone, Passenger Information, Public Announce, Central Clock, CCTV, Fare Collection, Entrance Security, etc.),

-Earthing and Cathodic Protection,

-Electrical Installations (Low Voltage, Lighting, Fire Alarm, etc.,)

-Ventilation / Air Conditioning Systems,

-Escalators and Elevators,

-Mechanical Installations (Water, Sewage, Fire Fighting, etc.)

-Rolling Stock,

-Testing, System Integration, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance Organisation.