Consultancy Services During Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction Stages of Trabzon Akyazı Sports and Cultural Facilities



Land aquisition by filling of approximately 1.000.000 m2 of the Black Sea and construction of the following buildings to the filled area:

-40.000 seats City Stadium (170.000 m2),

-3.000 seats Gym (14.500 m2), 

-3.000 seats Tenis court (4.500 m2),

-Camping Training Center (5.000 m2),

-Provincial Directorate of the General,

-Directorate of Youth Building (2.000 m2).

Services by Emay:

- Design services (Soil investigations, filling and fortification of the sea, detail design of all buildings including arhitectural,statical, electrical, mechanical, infrastructural, landscaping, specifications and all tendering documents),

- Project management, construction supervision and post construction services.