Survey, Engineering and Consultancy Services of North Marmara (Including 3rd. Bosphorus Bridge) Motorway Project – Pasakoy (Including 3rd. Bosphorus Bridge) Section


1408 m long (main span) suspension bridge;
60 km motorway (2x4 lanes);
55 km connection roads (2x3 lanes);
4 # tunnels, 2x0,6 km + 2x0,6 km executed by NATM
(excavation width of 22 m and height of 13 m),
36 # viaducts (prestressed beams and incremental
launching), ~150 over / underpasses, ~200 culverts and
various other structures.
Services by EMAY:
Geodesic and geotechnical surveys and analyses;
preliminary, final and as-built design excl. the suspension bridge;
technical consultancy during construction.