Construction Supervision, Consultancy Services and Engineering Services for The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway (including İzmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) Project



Project Works includes :

-A total of 544,5 km of highway including 384,1 km long motorway with 2x3 lanes, 41,8 km long motorway connection road with 2x2 lanes, 90,4 km long motorway junction road, 28,2 km long state road and side roads including all road infrastructure works (soil works, drainage works), all Bituminous Hot Mix road superstructure (sub-base, plent mix base, bituminous base, binder, surface layer) works, landscaping works, traffic and security works, secondary works, electronic toll collection system and small and big engineering structures listed below and tunnels;

-1 nos. 3 km long suspension bridge (main span 1550 m, World 4th long),

-22 nos. interchanges

-38 nos. viaducts (total viaduct length 21559 m), 173 nos. bridges (11219 m of total bridge length), 984 nos. culverts, 3 twin tube tunnel (total length 2x6441 m) and miscellaneous retaining walls.

Services by EMAY : 

Design review, project management and construction supervision for all aspects of the bridge and the motorway.