EMAY, being aware that sustainability and realization of long - term benefits of projects aimed throughout their life-cycles would be realized by planning and execution of appropriate and adequate testing, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance activities during pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases; performs the below listed sub-services with its employees having expertise in different disciplines and its consultants / partners / sub-contractors.

  • Prepare (or have it prepared) and manage Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance plans (timing, roles and responsibilities, communication and reporting, approvals and coordination, etc.)

  • Ensure provision of system, integration and site acceptance tests in accordance with approved plans; supervise, inspect, evaluate and approve the tests

  • Manage and coordinate title deed, construction plan, occupancy, settlement, registration etc. procedures

  • Ensure timely submission of operation and maintenance manuals by suppliers and contractors for materials, equipment, facilities and systems; review the manuals and have defects corrected and deficiencies completed if necessary

  • Provide support services for the establishment, capacity building and modernization of employer’s / client’s operation and maintenance organization

  • Organize, coordinate and document, execute and manage operation and maintenance training (training and site applications in administrative and technical topics)

  • Inspect and coordinate activities related to determination, shipment, delivery and storage of spare parts necessary for operation and maintenance

  • Supervise, control, evaluate and manage trial operation and commissioning periods

  • Manage Taking Over (Provisional Acceptance) period and issue related certificate

  • Monitor remedying of defects or completion of deficiencies determined during Taking Over, inspect / coordinate / document the progress

  • Prepare (or have it prepared), review and approve Statement at Completion (Final Statement of Account)

  • Monitor, supervise and inspect execution of commitments by suppliers and contractors for the defect notification (warranty) and liability period in accordance with the contracts

  • Perform (or have them performed), supervise, inspect, evaluate and approve Final Acceptance tests

  • Manage Performance (Final Acceptance) period and issue related certificate

  • Archiving and submission to employer / client all information and documentation related to the project together with Work / Project Completion Report

  • Provide support and inspection services to the employer and client during the operation and maintenance period

EMAY can provide above described services together with Project Planning and Preparation Services and other Project Implementation Services as an integral package to its employers and clients without the need to look for another service provider.